Bia is the first character of a larger project called in-between which collects stories of people who in specific moments of history spontaneously and many times  unconsciously react in an uninspected,  yet unconventional manner often in an obsessive repetition of the act and generation of a daily routine. Albeit political, this gestures can never approach the mass. It utters the individual position but remains fragile and spotless as well as strange and ridiculous.


There is a house on Rruga  Myslym  Shyrri  that is different from all others.  It is an apartment building like many others,but on the ground floor,no shop or café has taken over. It is a building so white in color amidst all the multicolored windows of goods we might need or not, or coffee and food we might consume or not; so pure and clean surrounded by the daily chaos of city life.   A woman called Bia used to live in the first floor in this house.  Then, she was regularly seen to clean and paint the exterior. The walls, the pavement, the trees all shining in lime wash. Radiating in cleanliness and white. Day after day.  There were and are so many rumors about Bia, her life, intent and mental state. Hence her daily efforts of keeping her close vicinity in a constant state of clear clarity can be seen can be understood varyingly. Her decision to never sell her home for commercial purposes, as many others have done on Rruga   Myslym Shyrri, strikes one as signifant. Was she fighting the city’s carelessness and intentions, as an act of protest? Was she mainly concerned with the threshold between her home and the street(s) adjacent?

Did she consider the space in front of her house as an extension of her private space?

We cannot ask her these questions, we will never get an answer.

And yet, we can continue questioning our involvement in public space. The meaning of our conscious actions.

The impact of walls, concrete and trees whitewashed.